What is Mivan Formwork System ?

Mivan is an aluminium formwork system developed by a European construction company. In 1990, the Mivan Company Ltd. from Malaysia started manufacturing these formwork systems. Today, more than 30,000sqm of formwork from Mivan Co. Ltd. is used across the world. The MIVAN formwork has proven economical as well as satisfactory for the overall construction environment.

Mivan technology is suitable for constructing large number of houses in a short span of time using room size forms to construct walls and slabs in one continuous pour on concrete.

Mivan formwork system is very cost effective for repetitive Buildings layouts and for above the plinth work. This system is very unique as all the components in a buildings, including slabs, beams, walls, columns, staircases, balconies and special window hood are of concrete and there is no need for block works or brick works.

The modular nature of the Mivan aluminium formwork system allows easy fixing and removal of formwork and the construction can proceed speedily with very little deviation in dimensional tolerances.  System is quite flexible and can be easily adapted for any variations in the layout. It consists of four components Beam components, Deck components and wall components these all are made of high strength aluminium alloy.