Mivan formwork system benefits

Mivan formwork system benefits


MFE Formwork can be used 300 – 500 times so ROI is maximised with multiple projects.


Average weight is only 23 – 25 kg M2so no heavy lifting or cranes are required.

Simple to use

Can be assembled with non-skilled labour with simple training and no special tools required.

Fast build cycles

Typical cycle time of 1 floor every 4-5 days or 1 single storey house a day are achieved with MFE Formwork solutions.

Fully recyclable

Aluminium formwork is 100% recyclable at the end of its usability.

Reduce site rubbish

Constant reuse keeps the construction clean, safe and tidy.

Design flexibility

MFE design team are highly experienced in designing formwork solutions for multiple types of building and applications.

Strength & Stability

High load bearing capacity of up to 60 KN per M2 when assembled.

Finish quality

Achieves a high quality finish after formwork removal with only minimum “skim” coat required and no heavy plastering.

Meets Singapore CONQUAS standards.

Low carbon emissions

Countries starting to stipulate that wooden formwork cannot be used as formwork must be reusable.
Reduce building costsSubstantial direct and indirect building cost reduction is achieved with MFE aluminium formwork solutions.